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About Afrilytics

Afrilytics is the tourism division of OLSPS Analytics. Inspired by a vision to share our statistical knowledge and beautiful country with the world. Our friendly training instructors run general statistics training programmes, suitable for all levels, as well as numerous practical data analysis courses on more specialised topics. Day trips and weekend getaways uncovering South Africa’s greatest attractions, blended into our training programs, provide customers the perfect balance between learning and relaxation.

Afrilytics’ programs provide organisations, at affordable rates, the opportunity to simultaneously reward and upskill their employees. It is the ideal way to express gratitude to a hard-working employee, or alternatively, provide exciting, yet productive team building opportunities.

Afrilytics looks forward to welcoming visitors to our shores providing the freedom to learn, travel, and explore everything that South Africa has to offer.

Meet Your Training Team

Roger Cupido
Training Manager

With 7 years of working with SPSS Statistics our Training Manager Roger Cupido has become well equipped to show off the best of SPSS to both new and experienced users. Roger has his Diploma in Information Technology and is currently completing his Bsc. in Computer Science.

Grace Ingabire
Freelance Trainer

Grace is currently studying towards her Master’s degree in Biostatistics, but has over four years of practical statistical experience in various corporate analytical environments. She is adored by colleagues and students alike and loves teaching statistics.

About OLSPS Analytics

Founded in 1989 by Dr Amos Barkai and Dr Mike Bergh, OLSPS is an international market-leading data specialist. Our expertise lie in analytical consulting, software solutions and technical data analysis. With a client base ranging from large retail corporates and banks to the international fishing industry and government organisations the OLSPS team of analytical and IT specialists offers a diverse and dynamic range of products, services and solutions.

OLSPS Analytics, the Predictive Analytics solutions division of OLSPS, is an award-winning company. Our team of skilled, highly experienced & internationally qualified data scientists specialises in the design, development and deployment of state-of-the-art predictive analytics solutions.